Happy Peter Faber Day!

Dear friends,

I know what you are thinking: what the heck is going on that we are being wished “Happy Peter Faber Day”? First of all, that is not at all how ‘Saints Days’ work. It is either “Today is the Feast day of St. Peter Faber, SJ” or “Today is a holy day made special by our honoring St. Peter Faber, one of the early friends and companions of Ignatius Loyola”… something very holy and special sounding, not something that sounds like a Hallmark Greeting card. While Rick is on vacation and floating down a river with some friends, I thought I would hijack his email (password : peterfaber#1) and offer a thought on this auspicious day.

Of course, those of us who have been blessed and benefitted from The Faber Institute have heard Rick Ganz speak eloquently about this core charism or gift that emerged from the friendships of these ‘Friends of Jesus’ who sought to embody living for Christ in complex times and facing unique challenges.

Before I start sounding like I know what I am talking about, I must confess that when Rick first told me that he wanted to start The Institute and name it for Peter Faber, I stopped him and said, “Do you mean Peter Frampton?” I thought it was a stroke of genius. The theme song could be Peter Frampton’s iconic rock song, “Show me the Way”… a fitting theme song for an Institute dedicated to showing people the Way.

No, Rick patiently explained, Peter Faber, the roommate of Francis Xavier, classmate of Ignatius whom they both met at new student orientation at the University of Paris.

Faber had a gift for being able to hear a sermon or a lecture and then being able to repeat it almost word for word later (a great person to have in your study group, obviously).

More importantly as they launched this new ministry, Faber had an amazing gift and ability to enter into engaging conversations and provide spiritual guidance and direction that was practical and challenging at the same time. Peter invited all he encountered to recognize God is at work all around us and is inviting us to join Him. In other words, “Show us the way…” one might say.

By now I am sure you are beginning to think to yourself, “This Peter Faber sort of reminds me of another friend I know… Rick Ganz” and you would be thinking like I am thinking.

I thought it only appropriate that this special day which commemorates a very special Friend-Peter Faber- whose life, love, friendships, influence , thinking and giving of his life in the 40 short years he walked this earth continue to ripple into our lives nearly 500 years later.

You may be thinking that I am leading up to asking you to make a donation to the Faber Institute or emailing a kind note to Rick Ganz to thank he and the team for the blessing the Faber Institute are to so many in a wide variety of ways. Both of those would be good to do, but what I am thinking is this is a good day to think and act on being a better friend. My guess is that you, like me, can easily think of someone who would benefit from the simple act of hearing from you this day, this week. A word of encouragement, a word of support, a simple word that lets them know today they are in your prayers. We could certainly honor the work of the Faber Institute, our friend Fr. Rick, his friend Peter, and our friend Jesus by doing so.

Happy Peter Faber Day!

Steve Moore,
Friend of Rick and the Faber Institute,
& CEO Emeritus of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
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