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The Lenten Meditations 2024, Week 4
by Tara Ludwig on March 9th, 2024
Christ and the Good Thief (1566) by Titian Hangs in the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna in Bologna, Italy We have explored previously in the Lenten Meditations the idea that suffering, in itself, is not inherently good. And yet, remarkably, when a thing is suffered well, it often inspires goodness; not only in ourselves, but in those who bear witness to our suffering. In his book The Problem of P...  Read More
The Lenten Meditations 2024, Week 3
by Tara Ludwig on March 2nd, 2024
Everyone knows by experience the frustration of being inconvenienced. An appointment is canceled at the last minute, the store doesn’t have the item we need, a home renovation takes longer than expected. Inconvenience is a part of life, and admittedly, not a fun one. We do not like intrusions into the smooth efficiency of our routine...  Read More
The Lenten Meditations 2024, Week 2
by Tara Ludwig on February 25th, 2024
In everyday conversation we often tend to use the words “pain” and “suffering” interchangeably. We may say, “My arthritis is causing me pain”, but just as likely we might also say, “I’ve been really suffering with my arthritis lately”. And we would mean much the same thing. In both instances, when we are talking about pain and suffering, we are attempting to express the inward reality that something is hurting us...  Read More
Notes from the Wayside - August 2023
by Tara Ludwig on August 23rd, 2023
July 27th, 2023 was an important anniversary for me, but unfortunately, not the fun kind. It marked not a birthday, or a wedding day, but the date of a car accident that exactly ten years before had changed my relationship with my body, forever. I have written elsewhere about the crushing nerve injury I suffer...  Read More