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The Lenten Meditations 2024, Week 4
by Tara Ludwig on March 9th, 2024
Christ and the Good Thief (1566) by Titian Hangs in the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna in Bologna, Italy We have explored previously in the Lenten Meditations the idea that suffering, in itself, is not inherently good. And yet, remarkably, when a thing is suffered well, it often inspires goodness; not only in ourselves, but in those who bear witness to our suffering. In his book The Problem of P...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #65 - The Healing of Language Copy
by Rick Ganz on June 23rd, 2022
Dear Peregrinus: I have begun to write this letter to you on Monday, the day after Pentecost, when liturgically speaking we have re-entered Ordinary Time, in its 10th Week. Much has happened in our lives, in our nation, and internationally since Ash Wednesday on March 2nd. For example, the Russo-Ukrainian War, which began in 2014 suffered a major expansion on Thursday, 24 February 2022...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #64 - Things Visible and Invisible
by Rick Ganz on May 12th, 2022
Dear Peregrinus: Happy Eastertide to you, old friend. Be sure to write to me about any insights you gained during Holy Week this year, because I gain so much from the depths I discover inside of your insights. It is one thing for me to receive from you an insight; it is quite another for me to understand what it means and, eventually, to be able to make that insight my own...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #20 – On the Quality of Mercy
by Rick Ganz on September 19th, 2016
Dear Peregrinus: It has been since July, old friend, since we wrote to each other. Thank you for your letter. I am smelling autumn in the air in the mornings. Autumn has such a striking capacity to access my soul – the smell of the earth; the diminishing brightness of the daylight; the leaves changing color and then letting go. Mine is an autumn soul, which becomes in this season a longing for something that I know not what ...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #1 - On the Suicide of Your Younger Sister
by Rick Ganz on August 10th, 2015
It is one of the beautiful things about good people that they feel deeply the effects of difficult, even grindingly hard, experiences happening to those whom they love. And often, it appears that such friends grieve more intensely than him or her into whose life came suddenly terrible news and incomprehensible sorrow. This capacity for empathy is...  Read More