The Work of Souls


Committed to the Awakening of Souls

The Faber Institute is committed to the awakening of souls in an age when the existence of the soul and its formidable powers is being overlooked. We do this by teaching. We open ways for all people to belong together better than we do for the healing of the whole world.

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"I’m glad to know that there is a place where battered souls can find rest, healing and breakthrough."

- Jodie

“You truly were God’s presence for me in a time when I needed it most.
I’m not sure if there have ever been any words ever spoken to me that have been as powerful as those. They truly changed my life in that moment.”

- Josh

“You bring peace and comfort to the places you travel and the souls you encounter.
We are very lucky to have you in this crazy world.”

- Gail

“You are so good at helping people find “other ways of being.”
I have personally experienced that.
You are quite gifted with the “art of words.”
There is such value in your art.”

- Mary

“Among your wonderful gifts, you have the ability to put events of people’s lives into proper perspective and to provide insights that help others develop a sense of peacefulness and orderliness in their lives. This is a rare gift that you have and one that is much appreciated by friends like me.”

- Steve

“After my wife and I attended that first Night School,
we both felt that this was exactly what we had been looking for.
We try to attend every event that we can, because that gives us a mini spiritual retreat.”

- Mike

The work of the Institute is a boon to my spirit,
and a way God reaches me.

- Alexander

“We have been so touched by the Night Schools -- they have helped shine a light on our way.”

- Sarah

“I continue to be struck by your vision of providing deep learning to people. I wish there was a Faber Institute in each parish or congregation so that the whole city of Portland would be a spiritually alive city.”

- Joel

"Your latest writing spurred an unexpected exchange with God that I am still moved by.
It provoked me to pause. And in that moment of presence, I experienced God."

- Eileen

“You have a remarkable ability to look at things in a new light, and then explain that new way of seeing to others in a way that makes sense. That is a rare talent.”