The Faber Sessions

A monthly online habit of gathering to enjoy a profound encounter with Art and the masters of its different forms. Over the course of ninety minutes (with an intermission), Rick shows the hearers how to “read” the productions of a particular artist - novels, poetry, drama, song lyrics, music, painting, etc. He invites the hearers into conversation about what they notice. He demonstrates how to explore the truth of things by going through the imagination, and how to cultivate a more refined sensibility. Rick teaches the hearers in their homes, using the ZOOM platform. The goal of the Faber Sessions is significantly to cultivate the imagination (the power of soul that enables our intellects to function properly and for noble purposes) - enriching it, filling it with beauty. We live in an age of American culture when our imaginations are being colonized by things ugly, frightening, broken, and discouraging. Hopelessness in a person is more likely when his or her imagination has been vandalized.