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Letters to Peregrinus #49 - On The Bell
by Rick Ganz on June 18th, 2020
Dear Peregrinus: I greet you from the Ides of June and expressing the hope that this letter will hunt you down and find you doing well (you are always doing good). If you are not well, then you must tell me, so that I know how to aim my prayers for you. How I wish that I knew how to pray as encouragingly as St. Paul could ...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #42 - On Life at the In-Between
by Rick Ganz on September 12th, 2019
Dear Peregrinus: I salute you, old friend, on what has become September, the name of which month means seventh even though it is the ninth month of the year. Thank you for your gracious reception, and reply to both Tara and Mary, who wrote to you in July and August respectively. They think highly of you ...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #31 - On Resolution
by Rick Ganz on January 9th, 2018
Dear Peregrinus: Happy new year to you, old friend, by which I do not mean from January 1st onwards, but rather according to what our Christian tradition instructs. Our new year, each year, begins with the first Sunday of Advent. Consequently our “new year” happened on 3 December 2017, when we heard read from Mark's Gospel these words: "Be watchful! Be Alert! ...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #16 - On Conscience
by Rick Ganz on April 18th, 2016
Dear Peregrinus: It has been some time, just before Lent began this year, since I have written to you. Thank you for accepting the truth that you are often in my awareness – “Iʼd like to tell him this when we next talk or write.” It is a human power of great significance that we can stay present to those who are far away, or with whom we are out of regular touch, or who have died and are now among our Ancestors...  Read More