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Letters to Peregrinus #54 - On Innovation
by Rick Ganz on November 11th, 2020
Dear Peregrinus: We have this very day started to emerge from a national calamity, a political one. What I mean is our breaking the hold of (if we wish it) an intense perturbation, a toxic peevishness not in the realm of ideas or arguments (so few ideas; rarely a well-constructed argument!) but in the realm of the emotions. We live in an intemperate Age ...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #26 - On Mistakes
by Rick Ganz on July 11th, 2017
Dear Peregrinus: Finally our Summer here has gained the confidence it lacked in June. Good! You asked me whether we could, or dare to, attribute to Jesus “mistakes.” The possibility that He could make mistakes has unsettled you. I had remarked to you how I had noticed in both the Gospel of Mark and Luke that Jesus, as he commenced His public life, “appears to have come on too strong ...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #25 - On the Fact of a Face
by Rick Ganz on June 13th, 2017
Dear Peregrinus: It has been awhile since we traded letters, and so I feel happy again to be in contact with your good self. Thank you for our many years of real conversation, in which we – you and I - are always at the work of words. We could say of our friendship that “in the beginning was the word” –John 1:1-5 At the beginning God expressed himself....  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #8 - On Questions Asked by a Fifteen-Year Old
by RIck Ganz on September 24th, 2015
Dear Peregrinus: It was wonderful to enjoy the evening with you, though I am guessing that your found your food and wine not up to snuff. I would agree that my food lacked flavor; something a little flat in it. Yet, the space was cool and comfortable; it was not too crowded and noisy; and of course I got to share it with you. Thank you. It was not until this morning that ...  Read More
Letters to Peregrinus #3 - On the Death of Your Dad
by Rick Ganz on August 24th, 2015
Dear Peregrina: I might as well admit that I feel awe whenever I have the chance to go visit Crater Lake, which I did recently, when I was driving on June 17th, making my way with Lexie (the car) towards Los Altos, CA, and to the Jesuit Retreat Center there, for the sake of directing the Long Retreat. One assumes that the awe induced there at Crater Lake in all but those deadest of soul has ...  Read More