TFS 9,1: Tell All the Truth but Tell it Slant: Poems of the Bible

Feb 13, 2023    Rick Ganz

The Faber Sessions #9 Part 1 on Poems of the Bible (specifically Isaiah 35 and Psalms 1, 42, 51, and 104), presented by Rick Ganz.

Roughly a third of the Old Testament is verse (i.e., set in lines). This poetic corpus includes the three books of Job, Proverbs, and Psalms, and the several festival songs embedded in prose texts, other poems or poetic fragments embedded within blocks of prose, and much of the Latter Prophets. Any reading of this material, however motivated (theologically, literarily, historically), will need to accommodate its poetic medium. The corpus as a whole remains centrally a part of the scriptural heritage of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and has been a foundational source for poetry throughout history and throughout the world, and especially for all later (post-biblical) traditions of Hebrew verse.