TFS 9,4: Tell All the Truth but Tell it Slant: Gerard Manley Hopkins

May 8, 2023    Rick Ganz

The Faber Sessions #9 Part 4 on Gerard Manley Hopkins, presented by Rick Ganz.

To conclude The Faber Sessions, Series 9, we will experience together the poetry of Fr. Hopkins, SJ, a member of the Jesuit Order, a Catholic priest, who at the time of his early death from Typhoid, considered his life a failure. 

As was the case with George Herbert (March 2023) and then with Emily Dickinson (April 2023), so it was true of Hopkins: all three of them died and hardly anyone knew about their poetic gift or had seen or heard their poems. Their poetry came to light only after they had died, and only because there was one person who discovered their poems and worked to get them published.