The Night School Series 13 Introduction Video

Sep 17, 2023    Rick Ganz

Our Guests for Series 13 are two mystics, each of whom we will invite twice to The Night School: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Edith Stein.

They were contemporaries in the 20th century, who in their professional lives were scholars of the highest order and who in their inner lives sacrificed much for the sake of God and for what God gave each of them to give to the world. One was a man and one was a women; one was French and one was German; one was a Catholic Christian from birth and one was a Jew who became a Catholic; one was a Jesuit Priest (the Society of Jesus) and one was a Carmelite nun; one was “hard” scientist in the fields of Geology and Paleontology and one was a philosopher; one spent his life under suspicion by his fellow Jesuits and by the Catholic Church and one was hunted by the Nazis and eventually exterminated in the gas chambers at Auschwitz; one died on Easter Sunday and one was canonized a Saint and designated by the Catholic Church a co-patroness of Europe. Both responded to the 20th century in such different ways; both were mystics of vision daring.